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Southern Exposure, July 2012: Estate Planning for Parents

Welcome summer!  Many parents have put significant time into planning summer activities. Read more.


Southern Exposure, June 2012: Estate Planning After A Divorce

You have just gotten divorced. Whether congratulations or condolences are in order, there is one very important aspect is this change in legal status that many do not consider: the effect on their estate plans. Read more.


Southern Exposure, May 2012: Gifting Part III: Charitable Planning

Most people make charitable gifts for altruistic reasons. And appropriately so; many worthy organizations exist that fight diseases, promote children’s education, seek to end world hunger, to name a few. Read more.


Southern Exposure, April 2012: Gifting Part II: What A Deal!

In late 22010, Congress gave taxpayers a bonus and increased the lifetime gift tax exemption to $5 million. Read more.


Southern Exposure, February 2012: It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane 1/4 It’s Your New ‘Super’ Power Of Attorney

Super Congress, Super Hero movies. The word for 2011 was “Super.” Read more.


 Southern Exposure, February 2012: First Five: An Introduction To Estate Planning

What is a revocable trust?

If I have a revocable trust, do I need a will?

Does a revocable trust save taxes?

Is a livingwill different?

Do I need a revocable trust?

Answers to these questions here.